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St John the Baptist Church in Boughton, Northampton dates back to the 14th Century and is rife with layers of history and folklore. Some avoid visiting the site due to the terrifying ghost stories associated with it.

One of these stories speaks of a red-haired bride who married at the church, soon after their marriage, her husband passed away, resulting in her suicide. She is said to haunt the ruins of the church. If sighted, that person is doomed to die within a few days. It is however believed that this story is, or similar versions thereof, exist in various different locations. It is possible that this story exists historically to protect peoples estate.

The old ruined church of St. John the Baptist stands about a mile east of the village on the green. This is where the annual fair was held since the mid 14th century. This fair was what the location was famous for. It was a three-day event, reportedly established in 1351. It was focused around the feast of St John the Baptist. The site contains two ancient wells – one can be visited and one remains untraceable. These wells provided water for the fairs.

People have reported seeing the ghost of a crook named “Captain Slash” who was said to have attended the fairs. There have also been sightings of children.

It is also reported that a man had supposedly murdered his partner, and as a punishment, was hanged from the bough of a giant oak tree. It is said that as his body disintegrated, it suffered the fate of crows pecking at his carcass.


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